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    Rick Garson is an entertainment industry visionary with 20+ years of experience across platforms. He founded VX Entertainment to create, develop, produce and own global media properties. He lives in Beijing, China.


    A seasoned executive who has worked in film, television, sports, and music, Rick Garson is highly experienced in communicating across numerous channels. Rick Garson was one of the first industry executives to implement brand integration into TV shows. Rick Garson has headed highly original groundbreaking multimedia concepts and is particularly interested in virtual reality. Rick Garson is currently collaborating with the Ministry of Health in China on a surgical educational project for patients and physicians alike.​

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    2018年8月10日 · Rick Garson,Travel,Technology,Travel Apps
    With technology continuing to make extraordinary advances in today’s society, it does not come as a surprise to learn that more technology is being created to make traveling easier. Part of the technology now includes apps to make traveling as stress-free as possible. From using an app to...
    2018年8月10日 · Rick Garson,Virtual Reality,Augmented Reality
    Augmented reality is changing the world. It was only a year or so ago that owners of mobile phones began scouring the world for imaginary monsters. By using their GPS coordinates and keeping track of their progress through a centralized database, the developers of the world’s most popular...
    2018年8月10日 · Rick Garson,Beijing,China
    Traveling to other parts of the world is one of the best and most exciting ways to learn about different cultures, while getting the opportunity to see some of the globe’s most beautiful attractions. Beijing, the capital of China, continues to attract tourists for its unique cuisine, fruitful...
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